From Portland, With Love

It’s been a busy year on the road and in the studio, and I’m grateful and excited to be a part of these new albums by some of my favorite songwriters.  Give them a spin!


Aoife is a true treasure, and being a part of this record produced by local magician Tucker Martine was a definite career highlight for me.  It’s a true honor to appear alongside such great musicians as Aoife, Chris Thile, Steve Nistor, and Eyvind Kang.

“O’Donovan pushes her genre’s often confining envelope into brave, exciting territory.” — American Songwriter



Anna is a hero of mine.  She has a boundless and wild spirit, and it is always a pleasure making music together.

“There is a stark beauty and vastness to her music…”  – Glide



We had some serious fun making this record at The Map Room with one of my favorite engineers, Josh Powell.  Did the twelve layers of B-15 distorted bowing make it on the record?  No.  But we tried it!

“…her voice is a single directional beam…” – NPR

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